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BESTSELLER! Speak English Like an American

The bestselling app that teaches over 300 American English iPhoneIcon_SELA_Newidioms and expressions. Learn from 25 lessons that tell the story of an American family. You join the family for their adventures and learn lots of new expressions, sayings, and idioms along the way. It’s based on our bestselling book Speak English Like an American. Available in iPad, iPhone and Android versions!


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New! Business English Strategy and Sales

business_english_strategy and sales

What’s your strategy for success? Here’s a new tool that will help you lead you drive success in your business. Learn dozens of ways to express yourself better in English. Talk strategy with new confidence and expertise. Sell and lead sales with new skill and spirit.

Introducing Business English Strategy and Sales. Learn from realistic business scenarios. Master useful English vocabulary for growing your business, developing ad strategies, increasing consumer demand, crushing your competition and more!

This apps brings you:
•100+ of today’s most useful American English idioms & phrases
•Interactive exercises to reinforce the material
•Realistic scenarios complete with audio – a great way to improve your pronunciation!
•A built-in hangman game – enjoy hours of fun playing while practicing your new vocabulary


New! Business English Negotiations


Do you want to improve your English? Get what you want more often? Then you’ve found an app that will work for you! Introducing Business English Negotiations. Learn useful English for negotiating successfully and resolving conflicts. Learn to say what you want and get it!


New! Business English You’re the Boss

Business_English_Youre_the_BossDo you speak English at work? Do you want to speak with more confidence? Maybe you’re the boss. Maybe you’d like to be the boss. Either way, this app will help!

Learn from realistic business scenarios. Master useful English vocabulary for leading successfully, managing people, dealing with legal issues, making strategic decisions. Guide your business to success.


Speak Business English – the ultimate Android App for Learning Business English

Speak better Business English quickly and confidently! This innovative app will teach you the idioms and expressions you hear at work. Once you learn them, you will SpeakBusinessEnglish_AppIcounderstand native speakers better and your English will sound more fluent. The 30 lessons include useful topics like: running a meeting, discussing strategy, motivating co-workers, talking about financial issues, conducting a performance review, negotiating, and more. You get 2 lessons free, with an option to buy another block of 14 for $9.99 or all 28 lessons for $16.99. Take interactive quizzes. Hear native speakers read the dialogs.


Record yourself, play it back and see how you sound in comparison to the native speaker. Based on the bestselling book Speak Business English Like an American by Amy Gillett.

 Speak Business English I & II 

Learn over 400 Business English expressions from these apps for iPad & iPhone. Be more effective on the job! Communicate like a native speaker of English with the ultimate apps for today’s Business English! American English speakers use many phrases and expressions on the job. These apps will help you speak better business English, quickly and confidently. You’ll learn the idioms & expressions that you hear at work — no matter where you work or what your job is. The 15 lessons in each app feature topics like: talking about company strategy, running a meeting, motivating co-workers, talking about financial issues, discussing good and bad results, and more.

Featured on the Daily App Show! Click above to see the video review!

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Say it Better in English

Ready to speak better English at work and in your everyday life? This app teaches over 300 English expressions through lively and interactive methods. Cartoons show you how each expression is used in real-life situations. Click on the speaker and the cartoon comes to life with audio. Each expression has two additional usage examples, with audio. Hear native speakers speak the language as it’s spoken in real life situations! This method has helped thousands of busy people and it can help you too. This app teaches you over 300 of today’s most common English expressions: these are everyday English and business English expressions you need to know. Hundreds of original cartoons to help you remember the new expressions Based on the popular book Say it Better in English by English teacher Marianna Pascal, with original cartoons by Lee Shee.

Business English Power Verbs

Want to speak better English at work? The Business English Power Verbs app will help you master 101 of the most important Business English verbs.

Business English Verbs iPhone app – master over 100 American English business English verbs

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